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mar 2011
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Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that the drug Botox can be used for the treatment of bladder dysfunction associated with increased activity brand viagra of muscles of the body. « Violations of the bladder observed in large numbers of people around the world.

The use of Botox provides patients a temporary but secure solution to this delicate problem, « - said Professor Michael Chenselor (Michael Chancellor), a specialist in urology and gynecology at the University of Pittsburgh.
His study involved 50 patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other pathologies. All patients experienced involuntary contractions of the bladder brand cialis muscle, which caused his lack of emptying or incontinent.

After Botox injections in 41 patients noted a decrease of symptoms or complete disappearance of disturbances. Improvement occurred after approximately seven days, the effect persisted for six months. None of the patients There were no complications.

Botox – a weak solution of the deadly toxin to humans, which causes deadly food poisoning – botulism, the main symptom of which is to complete the entire muscle spasm. When injected viagra pfizer cialis eli lilly  levitra bayer into a muscle it causes paralysis by blocking transmission of nerve signals, and the adjacent muscles are unaffected. Use of the drug Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. His injections are used to temporarily remove wrinkles on the face.

mar 2011
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Scientists have found that blacks harder than whites to suffer infections of the lower parts of the urinary system and often suffer from prostatic hypertrophy.

Dr. Sarma, who examined 182 African-American for 4 years came to the conclusion that most of them have this pathology are more prone to progression than white Americans. This fact can not fully brand name levitra explain the difference in quality of life of these ethnic groups. According to the first National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Epidemiologic Follow-up Study (U.S.) in studies in humans and animal experiments revealed that deficiency of retinoids play a role in the development of prostate cancer.

It was recently revealed that the levels of endogenous retinoic acid in tissues of prostate cancer is lower than in normal organs (J Clin Endocrinol Metab., 1996). In addition, its effects on the prostate gland as well as on the line of its cells indicate the involvement of retinoids in the regulation of its growth.

A way to restore an injured or lost urethra invented specialists of the department of urology endoscopic Moscow Academy of Postgraduate Education at the hospital Administration of the President and the CCB ICS. More recently, patients here have started to form from the urethra tissue cheek.As reported by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, the department of urology endoscope, to such an unusual surgical techniques have come by experience. The fact that the urethra forms a very delicate fabric and its vosstavleniya requires the same. Patients with severely damaged or completely lost the urethra tried to make it out of the mucous membranes of various organs, including the mucosa of the bladder. But the results left much to be desired: a large percentage of complications, and the new urethra is poorly performed their duties.The flap is very thin layer of the epithelium was removed from the inside of the cheeks and formed from his urethra, transplant patient. Urethra is virtually indistinguishable from the present and externally, and on physiological indicators. Doctors can see the reason for this is that the epithelium of the cheek most similar in structure to the urethral mucosa. In addition, the inner part of the cheek is best adapted to different influences (eg, temperature) than any other mucous membranes.

mar 2011

Criteria for evaluation of recurrence also offered the American Society for curative Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO). According to these criteria, recurrent disease detected at higher PSA levels at 3 consecutive assays after normalization of its concentration. The date of relapse is the middle of the interval of time between the date of receipt of the last normal rate and the date of first increase in PSA levels. At the same time intervals between the dates of successive increases in the concentration of the marker should be ignored. To adequately assess the therapeutic effect should be monitored for at least 12 months.

Currently works in which these criteria would be used to evaluate the effectiveness VISUZ, unpublished.
Critz compared the frequency of relapses and disease-free survival, evaluated according to criteria ASTRO, and on such parameter as an increase in PSA levels at 0.2 ng / ml as a sign of relapse in patients with localized prostate cancer after the implantation of radioactive needles and subsequent external beam radiotherapy. The frequency of relapse, identified on the basis of increase in PSA levels at 0.2 ng / ml was significantly higher. This suggests that elevated levels of PSA should be taken as the standard for assessing the presence of relapse in patients with localized prostate cancer after any treatment.

The authors of this paper evaluated the disease-free survival by Kaplan-Meier. Sign of recurrence was considered the positive results of the control biopsies (regardless of PSA level), and / or increase levels of PSA-ratio at 0.2 ng / ml. Relapse-free survival was 54%. The authors additionally calculated the disease-free survival, taking as criteria for relapse positive results of the control biopsies (regardless of PSA level) and / or an increase in PSA to 0.4 ng / ml or more (according Amling). In this case, relapse-free survival amounted Vila 71,5%. Given the lack of uniform criteria for evaluation of recurrent disease, and compare the results obtained by VISUZ therapy and other methods of treatment is difficult.

The authors’ experience suggests that, despite a decrease in prostate volume before VISUZ therapy with androgen deprivation or tour, prostate volume 50 cm ³ is considered a contraindication for the procedure. Massive calcification are also contraindicated for intervention and require you to perform in front of VISUZ TOUR.

Tactics of treatment of relapses or the management of patients with incomplete VISUZ effect is radically different from that when using any other treatments for localized prostate cancer. One of the significant advantages VISUZ is the possibility of repeated procedures, as, despite the increased brand viagra 50mg risk of complications, there is no maximum tolerable dose of ultrasonic radiation. In addition, after VISUZ possibly a radical prostatectomy and external beam radiotherapy.

Thus, the 5-year experience VIZUS in the treatment of localized prostate cancer gave promising results. Despite the short period of time of observation, do not permit definite conclusions, this minimally invasive technique can be regarded as a viable alternative for patients with high operational and risk of anesthesia, and patients who refused surgery.

Company «EDAP SA France» is a developer and manufacturer of the device ABLATERM – system for transrectal maloinva-zivnogo treatment for localized prostate cancer of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFUR).

mar 2011
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As a result of the survey commissioned by pharmaceutical company «Eli Lilly», 26% of Russian men suffer from erectile problems.

The purpose of the study – to explore representations of Russians about erection problems. It is worth noting that in Russia today, there was no accurate data on the prevalence of this disorder. Results of the study could later be used to improve the literacy of Russians about erection problems and methods of treatment.

So, according to the study, 26% of men aged 18 to 65 years of age suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction. 3% of these problems occur regularly. Comparative analysis of the age groups once brand levitra again proved that the risk of erectile dysfunction depends on the age of men. So, if the age group 18-24 years, problems are temporary, then 36% of men aged 55 to 65 years there has been constant problems with potency.

The study found that men and women differently they see the cause of erectile problems. 39% of men believed that it was an inevitable process of aging leads to this disorder, and 34% of the respondents blame the mental disorders, depression and stress. According to 38% of women, potency problems develop due to poor lifestyle choices most of the men.

It should be noted that 76% of respondents in the event of problems with erection, ready to see a doctor. This point is important because only a doctor can choose the method of treatment and prescribe effective medications that are prescription. But before you go to the reception, 37% of men will first discuss the issue with his partner, while 11% will leave the problem unsolved. Also 41% of men think that erectile disorder can be treated with drug therapy. Worried by the fact that 40% have no idea how you can fight this disease.

That the problem of erectile dysfunction concerns of both partners and should be solved by joint efforts, say 65% of women and 60% of men. However, 22% of men believe that erectile disorder – a purely male problem and do not intend to devote to her beloved. Also on the research results became known that Russia has 16% of men regularly discount womens viagra take various means to increase potency, and the only regularly – 4%. For 68% of the respondents the main source of information about the disease and its methods of treatment is just a doctor.

The study showed that over a quarter of the male population of Russia is suffering from erectile problems. And even with great confidence to the medical staff is the percentage of men who are not going to visit a doctor. But the participation in this poll of Russians shows that people are willing to discuss their problems, which in turn is an important moment in the treatment of this disease.

fév 2011
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In modern players have many opportunities to choose one or another online gambling casinos at their own taste, it’s hard to imagine how the players had treated a limited selection of land-based casinos. Although even then, 15 years ago, online gambling casinos has been a number of advantages over ground-based roulette online casino games. The most important advantage of this was not even the range and availability. Players from around the world can play online games anytime, anywhere.

Such access to many online gambling casinos is achieved by the prevalence of the Internet. Where he is, and there will be any games, unless prohibited by law. Players can choose any online gambling casino 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Perhaps because of this at an online casino is such a huge number of customers, whose number is increasing every year.

Speaking about the benefits of online gambling casinos, worth mentioning is the fact that the players never get tired of games, as software developers constantly working on new gambling games offering players updated for several boring entertainment. An example would be a banal usa online casinos game of poker, a form which is not so much alike that amateurs play in online gambling casinos are often re-learn to play, perhaps, have long been familiar to the game.

The availability of online gambling casinos is often defined as a major factor in popularity gambling online. In this case, it is worth mentioning, and recently arisen mobile casinos, which operate on the same principle as the online casinos, with one small difference, which consists in the fact that players can play from their mobile phones. In fact it’s the same online casino, only to become more accessible to their customers. From now on you can play your favorite online slots guide machines, roulette, poker, blackjack from your mobile phone. It is known that most mobile casinos have on existing operators of online casinos. Thus, soon almost every lover of gambling online casinos will be able to play anytime, anywhere.

jan 2011

Krasnodar developer LLC Park City started building the second casino in the gambling zone « Azov-City », set on the border of the Kuban and Rostov region, said in a telephone RIA Novosti news agency co-founder of Maxim Smolentsev.

From 1 July 2009 in Russia, entered into force on the federal law banning the activities of casinos throughout the country except in specially designated zones – in Primorye, Altay region, Kaliningrad region on the border of the Krasnodar Territory and Rostov Region.

In the southern gambling zone « Azov-City » is already running first slots guide legal casino « Oracle », his company has built a Royal Time.

« Construction of a second casino started, now works on laying the foundations of the building, » – he said.

Investment in the project to reach at least 120 million rubles, according to a company representative.

The agency’s interlocutor play roulette online said that a new gambling establishment is located within a hundred meters from the first built in the Azov-City casinos.

« If you do not have any problems during construction, we build a casino area of 1,5 thousand square meters by August 2010″, – said Smolentsev, adding that the company is building a gambling establishment in quick technology.

It is expected that apart from the casino, « Park City » built in « Azov-City Hotel in american roulette twenty places, and entertainment complex.

« We will create a whole range of services for tourists », – assured the co-founder.

The regional casnio employees authorities are confident that in the future, « Azov-City » could turn into a city of about 60,000 residents, while at the same time it will visit more than 30 thousand visitors.

jan 2011
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Slots entrepreneurs called the lottery to stay « in the law. »
What is gambling, Dmitry Kiselev to experience for themselves: a couple of years ago, every day he woke up with the idea of a big game. In the casino, Dimitri is not allowed, but in clubs where there are slot machines, he was a dear client.

Officially, the clubs with slot machines in Ekaterinburg no longer exists. Entrepreneurs whose business after the enactment of four gambling casino slots guide zones seriously shaken, found a loophole: automata called lottery and made a sign.Playing in this institution in the heart of the city was in full swing until, until there was our crew.

Light immediately shuts down, visitors are removed, and the administrator is trying to convince us that the institution is not working. Such a « lottery » will cease to be legal on January 1 by the decision of the State Duma, but it play roulette online does not mean that the illegal act is over: the entrepreneurs will go on, people will come to play longer in slot machines, not the lottery, and amusement.This club has been closed.

Over the past six months in the field ceased to exist 50 clubs, 1200, slot machines were taken for disposal. By law, the confiscated machines stored in a warehouse for two months. If the landlord is not declared, pursuant to a court to destroy. How to assure the police for assault rifles seized most often no one usa online casinos comes because the owner will face a heavy fine for illegal business activities.
Dmitry Kiselev cope with dependence only when a job as a guard in the game club. When I saw how people were losing in the lottery machines to their apartments, afraid to really.

jan 2011
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