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jan 2011
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Slots entrepreneurs called the lottery to stay « in the law. »
What is gambling, Dmitry Kiselev to experience for themselves: a couple of years ago, every day he woke up with the idea of a big game. In the casino, Dimitri is not allowed, but in clubs where there are slot machines, he was a dear client.

Officially, the clubs with slot machines in Ekaterinburg no longer exists. Entrepreneurs whose business after the enactment of four gambling casino slots guide zones seriously shaken, found a loophole: automata called lottery and made a sign.Playing in this institution in the heart of the city was in full swing until, until there was our crew.

Light immediately shuts down, visitors are removed, and the administrator is trying to convince us that the institution is not working. Such a « lottery » will cease to be legal on January 1 by the decision of the State Duma, but it play roulette online does not mean that the illegal act is over: the entrepreneurs will go on, people will come to play longer in slot machines, not the lottery, and amusement.This club has been closed.

Over the past six months in the field ceased to exist 50 clubs, 1200, slot machines were taken for disposal. By law, the confiscated machines stored in a warehouse for two months. If the landlord is not declared, pursuant to a court to destroy. How to assure the police for assault rifles seized most often no one usa online casinos comes because the owner will face a heavy fine for illegal business activities.
Dmitry Kiselev cope with dependence only when a job as a guard in the game club. When I saw how people were losing in the lottery machines to their apartments, afraid to really.

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