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mar 2011
Mental disorders
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As a result of the survey commissioned by pharmaceutical company «Eli Lilly», 26% of Russian men suffer from erectile problems.

The purpose of the study – to explore representations of Russians about erection problems. It is worth noting that in Russia today, there was no accurate data on the prevalence of this disorder. Results of the study could later be used to improve the literacy of Russians about erection problems and methods of treatment.

So, according to the study, 26% of men aged 18 to 65 years of age suffer from temporary erectile dysfunction. 3% of these problems occur regularly. Comparative analysis of the age groups once brand levitra again proved that the risk of erectile dysfunction depends on the age of men. So, if the age group 18-24 years, problems are temporary, then 36% of men aged 55 to 65 years there has been constant problems with potency.

The study found that men and women differently they see the cause of erectile problems. 39% of men believed that it was an inevitable process of aging leads to this disorder, and 34% of the respondents blame the mental disorders, depression and stress. According to 38% of women, potency problems develop due to poor lifestyle choices most of the men.

It should be noted that 76% of respondents in the event of problems with erection, ready to see a doctor. This point is important because only a doctor can choose the method of treatment and prescribe effective medications that are prescription. But before you go to the reception, 37% of men will first discuss the issue with his partner, while 11% will leave the problem unsolved. Also 41% of men think that erectile disorder can be treated with drug therapy. Worried by the fact that 40% have no idea how you can fight this disease.

That the problem of erectile dysfunction concerns of both partners and should be solved by joint efforts, say 65% of women and 60% of men. However, 22% of men believe that erectile disorder – a purely male problem and do not intend to devote to her beloved. Also on the research results became known that Russia has 16% of men regularly discount womens viagra take various means to increase potency, and the only regularly – 4%. For 68% of the respondents the main source of information about the disease and its methods of treatment is just a doctor.

The study showed that over a quarter of the male population of Russia is suffering from erectile problems. And even with great confidence to the medical staff is the percentage of men who are not going to visit a doctor. But the participation in this poll of Russians shows that people are willing to discuss their problems, which in turn is an important moment in the treatment of this disease.

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