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mar 2011
Evaluate the effectiveness
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Criteria for evaluation of recurrence also offered the American Society for curative Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO). According to these criteria, recurrent disease detected at higher PSA levels at 3 consecutive assays after normalization of its concentration. The date of relapse is the middle of the interval of time between the date of receipt of the last normal rate and the date of first increase in PSA levels. At the same time intervals between the dates of successive increases in the concentration of the marker should be ignored. To adequately assess the therapeutic effect should be monitored for at least 12 months.

Currently works in which these criteria would be used to evaluate the effectiveness VISUZ, unpublished.
Critz compared the frequency of relapses and disease-free survival, evaluated according to criteria ASTRO, and on such parameter as an increase in PSA levels at 0.2 ng / ml as a sign of relapse in patients with localized prostate cancer after the implantation of radioactive needles and subsequent external beam radiotherapy. The frequency of relapse, identified on the basis of increase in PSA levels at 0.2 ng / ml was significantly higher. This suggests that elevated levels of PSA should be taken as the standard for assessing the presence of relapse in patients with localized prostate cancer after any treatment.

The authors of this paper evaluated the disease-free survival by Kaplan-Meier. Sign of recurrence was considered the positive results of the control biopsies (regardless of PSA level), and / or increase levels of PSA-ratio at 0.2 ng / ml. Relapse-free survival was 54%. The authors additionally calculated the disease-free survival, taking as criteria for relapse positive results of the control biopsies (regardless of PSA level) and / or an increase in PSA to 0.4 ng / ml or more (according Amling). In this case, relapse-free survival amounted Vila 71,5%. Given the lack of uniform criteria for evaluation of recurrent disease, and compare the results obtained by VISUZ therapy and other methods of treatment is difficult.

The authors’ experience suggests that, despite a decrease in prostate volume before VISUZ therapy with androgen deprivation or tour, prostate volume 50 cm ³ is considered a contraindication for the procedure. Massive calcification are also contraindicated for intervention and require you to perform in front of VISUZ TOUR.

Tactics of treatment of relapses or the management of patients with incomplete VISUZ effect is radically different from that when using any other treatments for localized prostate cancer. One of the significant advantages VISUZ is the possibility of repeated procedures, as, despite the increased brand viagra 50mg risk of complications, there is no maximum tolerable dose of ultrasonic radiation. In addition, after VISUZ possibly a radical prostatectomy and external beam radiotherapy.

Thus, the 5-year experience VIZUS in the treatment of localized prostate cancer gave promising results. Despite the short period of time of observation, do not permit definite conclusions, this minimally invasive technique can be regarded as a viable alternative for patients with high operational and risk of anesthesia, and patients who refused surgery.

Company «EDAP SA France» is a developer and manufacturer of the device ABLATERM – system for transrectal maloinva-zivnogo treatment for localized prostate cancer of high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFUR).

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